Essential Oils

Essential Oils

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What are essential oils

In short, essential oils are the life energy of the plant. Essential oils are aromatic liquids found in most flowers, trees, seeds and leaves. Distilling these liquids from the plants is a very delicate process, usually done by steam distillation or compression.

Vegetable oils, such as olive oil, are obtained from the fatty parts of a plant, for example nuts and seeds. These usually make greasy oils. Essential oils on the other hand are extracted from roots, flowers, leaves, etc. These types of oils are not fat at all.


It is strongly recommended to dilute the essential oils with a vegetable oil such as olive, coconut, grape seeds, etc. We call such a vegetable oil a carrier oil and use it to make mixtures. Then we can also apply the essential oils of therapeutic class to our skin.


What’s in a bottle

A bottle of Young Living essential oils contain nothing more or less than what is extracted from the plant. Sometimes this means that the smell of an oil is different than you would expect. We are used to a certain smell, for example lavender. Many manufacturers add all kinds of synthetic substances to a product to make the smell of an oil more pleasant. However, doing this reduces the quality of the oil and thus its benefits. Did you know that a product can be called 100% pure if it contains 5% pure oil? Nobody ever looks at what is used to fill the other 95%.

Young Living essential oils are 100% pure, guaranteed!


How do they work

The oils can work on different levels; physically, emotionally, spiritually and cognitively. Each individual oil has its own qualities and characteristics. The use is so diverse, we always say “what ever problem someone has to deal with – there’s an oil for that!”

We are always there to help you find the oil you need!


How to use essential oils

Young Living essential oils are 100% pure and can therefore be used in the following ways:

Use a diffuser for essential oils, inhale directly from the bottle or place 1 drop on the palm of your hands and then make a cup around your nose to breathe.

Dilute with vegetable oil, place it directly on the desired surface or on the corresponding VitaFlex points.

Add drops to your water or fill a vegetable capsule with essential oils and a carrier oil.


WARNING: Ingestion can only be done with essential oils of this therapeutic class and approved by the FDA. Young Living has a line of essential oils, especially labels as a food supplement. Do not hesitate to ask your sponsor or distributor for more information.