How to start – PSK

How to start – PSK

Joining Young Living gives you the benefit of a 24% discount on the full range of healthy and pure natural products that will improve your daily life.


But that is not all!


You also become a member of a community of users and enthusiasts for who sharing is the key word and you are assured of a sponsor in our team to who you can always reach out for help and advice.





When you buy the Young Living Premium Starter kit, you can choose between two diffusers: DewDrop (surgical plastic to safely use citrus oil) and Aria (wood and glass). Further on this page you can read information about each of the diffusers and about each of the oils included in the Premium Starter Kit. After purchasing your Kit you will receive more detailed information and advice on how to use it all.


Promotes a nice atmosphere to sleep
Makes your skin healthier
Nickname “Swiss army knife” for its versatile use
Harvested and distilled in France and Utah





Has an invigorating and fresh minty aroma
Supports the digestive system
Improves mental acuity
Relieves tired muscles




Cold pressed from the peel of the fruit
Improves the appearance of your hair, skin and nails
Perfect for cleaning
Has a clean and purifying citrus scent




Harvested at the Young Living Farm in Oman
Stimulates and elevates the mind, perfectly with meditation
Supports general well-being
Promotes cellular health




Pronounced: Copa-ï-ba
Traditionally used to reduce skin irritations
Improves the muscular system
Gives relief from joint and stomach complaints




Improves and relieves painful muscles, especially after exercise
Relieves painful joints
Supports the blood circulation
Helps to maintain normal cellular function




Mix of 8 different oils
Developed to support the digestive system
Dilute and apply to the stomach
Apply to vitaflex points




The essential oil mixture for the winter
Dilute and apply for a workout
Mixture of 10 oils – including 3 different eucalyptus oils
Provide support for the respiratory system




Neutralizes unpleasant odors
Mix of 5 oils Refresh your home
Improves the wellbeing of skin




Booster of the immune system
5 oils in this mixture
Very effective in supporting good health
Main component of a whole range of cleaning products






Reduce stress with mental tension
Reduce stressors that can affect sleep negatively
Increase the state of mind




Has a rich, citrus-like fragrance that elevates the spirit
Gives a calming influence
Brings peace and happiness into the spirit
Rich in the powerful antioxidant d-limonene      





NingXia Red combines exceptionally high quality wolfberry fruit with 100% pure essential oils into a powerful and complete dietary supplement. The benefits of the legendary Ningxia wolfberry have been known for centuries.

Enjoy the naturally delicious taste every day. It helps to retain and recover energy and to supplement important nutrients. Ningxia Red is a powerful supplement for the whole body.
It is a stimulating juice based on Goji berries and contains 4 essential oils (Lemon, Tangerine, Yuzu, Orange).
Contains no processed fructose-rich sweetener
Kosher and Halal guaranteed
Blueberries, cherries, arum, pomegranates and prunes found in Ningxia Red are carefully selected for their bioactive phytonutrients and their energetic properties





The Dewdrop Diffuser is a fragrance diffuser, humidifier and nebulizer summarized in an easy-to-use device. It is custom-designed with a maximum of four hours of continuous diffusion, automatic shut-off and ambient light control which can also be switched off. The Dewdrop ™ diffuser adds a touch of elegance to your home, office or any other space. He fills the air with the alluring scent of essential oils.




The Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser is a unique, stylish diffuser to experience the benefits of essential oils at home or in your salon. This attractive diffuser combines the latest diffuser technology with a variety of useful functions. With the included remote control you can choose from a range of soothing, built-in sounds or enjoy the multicolored LED lights. With the built-in speakers you can connect your own personal MP3 player and enjoy the music of your choice.


The price of the set depends on whether you choose the Premium Starter Kit with DewDrop diffuser (€ 170.10 including essential oils) or Aria diffuser (€ 276.30 including essential oils).




  • The diffuser of your choice DewDrop (chirugical plastic) or Aria (wood and glass)
  • 10 of the most used essential oils from Young Living (5 ml): Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Frankincense, Copaiba, PanAway, Thieves, R.C., Purification, DiGize
  • A bottle of Stress Away 5 ml and Orange 5 ml
  • An AromaGlide roll on applicator
  • 2 bags of Ningxia Red
  • 10 bottles of 2 ml, handy to have in your bag
  • Information cards to attach to the small bottles of 2 ml and share them with all your friends and acquaintances
  • Maps and flyers with information about Young Living and the products


Important to know, the Flexoil system

In order to guarantee the quality of the essential oils and to guarantee the quality of the Premium Starter Kit, Young Living uses the “Flexoil system”. If one oil (or more) is not in stock, Young Living will replace the oil in question with an oil of comparable quality and use. Lemongrass, Citrus Fresh or Tea Tree. These oils are also always in bottles of 5 ml.

The Premium Starter Kit is the best choice to start your adventure with essential oils!
In this kit you will find the most used essential oils that, combined with each other, gives you incredible possibilities for daily use and care.
Together with the diffuser you are more than ready to start!