Young Living Essential Oils is a fantastic business opportunity for everyone. If you are as happy as I am with the essential oils, you will automatically share your experiences. People you know will ask you questions and you will be happy to share your great results. That’s exactly how I got my first check from Young Living, just by sharing! Since Young Living is a Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing Company, you are paid for referring people to Young Living and for buying their products.

At first I was not completely comfortable with it. How could it be that I ended up in a sort of pyramid scheme? But then I discovered the big difference between MLM and a pyramid scheme. You know, a pyramid scheme is illegal. This is not the case with essential sales via an MLM company. Pyramid schemes do not sell products or services and focus primarily on recruiting others for nothing but money.

Watch this video, a beautiful additional explanation


Multi-level marketing (mlm), network marketing or direct sales is a company where you do not work directly for the company, but you represent the company as an independent distributor.

You earn an income by referring people. It is just like eating at your favorite restaurant and then telling your friends that they should also go there for dinner too. The restaurant does not give you a discount or a payment for the people you send, MLM companies do. You may wonder how they can pay for it, but remember that Young Living does not have to pay for shops, staff and things like that. They pay you as a distributor that refers other people to Young Living. It’s that simple!

But I’m a seller! That is what I hear many people say. No problem, we do not sell either. We share our love for the product and share our experiences with anyone who wants to hear it. The good thing is, you do not have to stock up on all those products. You treat yourself to the beautiful Premium Starter Kit so that you can use and experience the essential oils yourself. Believe me, you will thank me for it later 😉

You can determine your working hours yourself. You can spend from half an hour a day to eight hours a day. It’s all up to you! It’s all about the goals you want to achieve and the speed in which you want to achieve them. Really the possibilities are endless!

Young Living has one of the best compensation plans available. When you build your own team, your income grows and becomes more stable. The bigger grow, the more commission and bonuses you get. You can offer yourself financial freedom.

The best thing is that I work with a great team that you can also be part of. We share information and ideas, not only about the use of the product, but also about how you can successfully share and build a business. We are allergic to aggressive sales tactics, sharing is our key to the rapid growth of our company.

We also like to help you get started and grow your own business.

If you have any questions (I can’t imagine there aren’t any), do not hesitate to contact me!