Our team

Our team

What you need to know is that when you start using the essential oils of Young Living by ordering your kit, you can count on the support and help of our team. When you buy a Premium Starter Kit through this website, you will receive the support of our super team – and that’s a great thing, we spoil our members!


Our members have access to a variety of resources that we offer to ensure that they receive 200% support from their first day on their Young Living adventure! As a member of our community you have access to our exclusive Facebook groups, monthly courses and workshops, resources on how you can become a distributor and the great opportunities it offers and much more!


Do you want something to do or do you just want to start as a Young Living distributor? Is being your own boss, not freighting you? Do you want to travel, meet new friends worldwide? We welcome you in our team and help you wherever you want!


Do you find it scary to work as an independent distributor? Even then we welcome you and help you and train you with passion and pleasure! You do not have to do this alone.


We are passionate about helping other people create their own adventure with Young Living! Whether you want to know more about essential oils and their use or if you want to know more about the distributorship and make your dreams come true, we are happy to schedule an appointment with you to tell you all about it!


In addition to the daily support, we offer you a large number of files to help your company grow as a distributor and to help you climb the ladder. Information from passionate distributors who, like you, started this adventure.


Here is an overview of the annual income disclosure that shows the minimum, maximum and average income at Young Living in the US, on the basis of the average salaries.