Hi, My name is Natasja Verbeek. If you don’t have the time to read my a whole story then here is what you need to know in a nutshell 🙂

| born in Amsterdam | 1978 | Aquarius | living in Venlo | divorced | mother of 2 | happy with Hélène | cappuccino & wine | Italian & Mexican food | friends & fun | dreamer & goal-digger | creative & always on a diet | health & essential oils | reading & music | coaching & business building |working from home | broadminded & sense of humor | speaks Dutch & English |


For those of you who have a little more time, here the more extensive version of who I am.


So my name is Natasja Verbeek, born and raised in Amsterdam. Since ten years living in Blerick. I am a mum of two. I have just turned 40 and while many question whether I feel old now I see it as a new beginning.

This year, 2018, is full of drastic changes. Chapters that are closed, or perhaps more accurately books that are being closed, but also new books that open.

As a mom, I always continued to work and I was always very active in being creative. Over two years ago I came across some information about essential oils. I read how they can naturally support you physically and emotionally. A natural alternative to a lot of chemical products. My curiosity was aroused.

Let me be very honest, I was pretty skeptical! How can a drop out of such a nice colored bottle do something useful? After thinking it over for quit some time I decided to purchase the Premium Starter Kit. The diffuser was installed but in the beginning I didn’t came much further in using it than the occasional drop in that device. It was only when I took the trouble to go through the manual which I got later from my sponsor that I started using the oils a lot more.

A while after the kit was bought I read more about what the essential oils could mean on an emotional level. Since my daughter had very low self-esteem, little perseverance and was able to whirl away a lot in the classroom. I wanted to find out what the oils could do for her.

A new order with additional oils was placed and my daughter started with daily use. I had no idea what to expect but three months after she started her dad and I had a conversation with her teacher and we were told that it was just like there was a brand new child in class! Where she normally would rather hide under her table the moment she got question in the classroom, she now even raised her finger. Sure, we also noticed at home that she slowly became more open, started to talk more. That the difference at school was so noticeable we would not have dared to hope.

This was a bit more than two years ago. Not only has my daughter developed strongly, me too. While sitting at home with a burnout, the oils helped me – in many ways. They have helped me a lot by using them in the diffuser and applying them topically. I have become stronger and am still growing and have developed further. I have learned a lot about myself on an emotional level. In addition, the oils also gave me a lot of friends, possibilities to travel and more freedom. This year for example I went to Croatia where we visited the Helichrysum farm and Young Living distillery!


By sharing my enthusiasm about the oils with others I actually rolled into the distributorship very gradually. At first I did not like it at all. How do I do this? How do I share about those oils? What do I have to do for it? Is this a serious business? Now I know better. By sharing my own story and experiences but also by just showing people what they can do (a much better choice than a lot of the standard chemical solutions) more and more people opt for these beautiful oils!

Be surprised by the wonderful world called essential oils. I am happy to help you!